How to get your Illinois Food Handlers Card

A Illinois Food Handlers Card is required for food handlers working in Illinois. Your Food Handlers Card must be issued by an ANSI accredited training provider. Cards are valid in all Illinois counties.

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Steps to getting your Food Handler Card for Illinois

  • Step 1. Make sure you need a Food Handler Card.
    Not every food worker is required under Illinois Law. If you have questions, ask your employer or your local county Health official.
  • Step 2. Make sure you do not need Manager's Food Safety training.
    If you will be acting as the Person-In-Charge, you may need a more extensive course. If you have questions, ask your employer or your local county health official.
  • Step 3. Find an ANSI approved online training provider.
    This is a requirement under Illinois law. ANSI providers will have a visible logo with an issue number on their website.

To read more about the requirements for a Illinois Food Handlers Card, click here.

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The food handler course is a license requirement for daycare providers in Illinois. This course was approved for the requirement, not too advanced, and for a good price. The children in my daycare and I thank you.

It was a great course! It helps with my career!
- JOSE L, Brownsville, TX

Very user feiendly
- SCOTT W, ,

I feel that this program is one of the most comprehensive, innovative tool: when it comes to getting the knowledge into the minds of its employees. also allowing the individual employee to experience the application of the knowledge in real time ( if that makes since lol ) however I liked the process and had a good experience thank you very much. truly; Jasper Young wood field mail location Shamburg IL.

I really like this set up for testing. The video is clear and every thing was easy to understand. Thanks for a great experience in food education. Iam looking forward to 2021 already. Great Job Gloria


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